How Can I Play Free Bingo For Real Cash Prizes?

Bingo has changed beyond recognition over the last few years. At one time, Bingo was very much seen as a working class game, with the main players being older females. Bingo Halls tended to be local affairs often set up in church halls or other community buildings and games were often played both during the day and in the evenings. Primarily, they were places to socialize.

Each hall had a “caller” who would shout out the numbers after drawing them from a bag or mechanical device. In the 1970′s, electric ball sorters would toss numbered ping-pong balls out one at a time for the caller to shout out the number thereon.

Lets move forward now to 2008 we can see that the scenario has changed somewhat!

Gone are the smoke-filled bingo halls of the past as smoking bans have sprung up everywhere. Bingo halls are high tech places, loaded with computerized machines, with electronic number-calling and links to other halls to amalgamate prize money so that the potential for winning “big” is even greater. Bingo halls are even more of a place to get together with friends and players are becoming younger. Good quality snacks and beverages are now on offer. There is no longer a stereotypical bingo player.

As if these changes weren’t enough, running alongside all the changes to the bingo halls is the growth explosion of online bingo. Just a few years ago, who would ever have imagined a “social” game you could play on your own at home? A game of bingo where other players were “there” but “not there”. A game where big money could be won without even stepping out of your own front door.


Online bingo has become extremely popular with UK players over the last couple of years. As most homes now have a PC and fast Broadband connections playing from home has never been easier. The lack of smoking regulations coupled with the fact that there are no transport costs have made staying at home to play very attractive. Additionally, shifting working patterns have meant that more irregular hours are worked making it, at times, less convenient to play at an allotted time.

There are many excellent online chatrooms which exude a friendly camaraderie and bingo players regularly “meet” to swap tips and to have a chat. The games are usually straightforward and there is ample opportunity for players to practice before committing to a “real” game.


No one would deny that online bingo halls are there to make money. Most people expect to, and are happy to pay for entertainment, such as a visit to the cinema or bowling alley and in effect bingo is no different. However, as with any forms of gambling, it is important to have a budget and stick to it. There is no doubt that much pleasure has been gained over the years from playing bingo and the online version is simply one way which the game has evolved.

Many online halls have free chatroom games from which players can win credits towards real games for real cash. Plus certain sites offer good joining incentives for new players and it is well worth shopping around.


Available offers vary from time to time but often some of the best offers can be seen at new bingo sites as they are keen to attract new players. Some of the relatively new halls have made it very clear that they are striving to compete with, if not to be, the biggest in the UK.

One at the moment is offering consistently high free cash deposits and at present, offers


It also has a very friendly chatroom.

If you are looking for somewhere to try out free bingo for REAL CASH PRIZES then take a look at the link below.

Bingo Magix is one of the new online UK bingo halls. It has some e

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